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Exceptional performance and reliability are a direct result of properly maintained equipment. There is no better way to protect your tractor or mower's value and your investment! Please check your operator's manual for all recommended service intervals.

An important part of proper maintenance is getting your tractor or mower ready for winter storage. This will insure that your are up and running once spring arrives.



  • Change Engine Oil and Replace the Oil Filter  **It is important to change the oil because the build-up of corrosive by-products of combustion in the oil can erode the metal parts that are left to soak in it. The accumulation of dirt in the oil from debris can also contaminate the oil. The additives and lubricity of the oil also breaks down due to the heat and mechanical stress it is subjected to.**
  • Dispose of the Waste Oil and the Filter in an Environmentally Safe Manner!
  • Check/Clean Battery.
  • Charge Battery.  **Badly corroded terminals and a poor charge can keep your engine from starting.**
  • Replace Your Air Cleaner and Pre-Cleaner.  **The air filter provides clean air to the carburetion system. If it is clogged or dirty, it can cause your engine to run roughly and reduce fuel efficiency.**
  • Clean Air Intake Screen.
  • Clean Engine Cooling Fans.
  • Replace Fuel Filter.  **Dirt is the #1 enemy of your engine fuel system. The smallest amount of dirt can cause erratic performance and poor fuel efficiency. A clean fuel filter is the best way to ensure dependable, trouble-free performance.**
  • Replace Spark Plug or Plugs.  **Spark plugs are the heart of your vehicle's engine. For maximum fuel economy and peak engine performance, your spark plugs should be changed annually.**
  • Add Fuel Stabilizer.  **Fuel can pick up contaminants during storage. (mainly rust, dirt and water). Protect your engine by keeping your fuel fresh with the proper amount of fuel stabilizer.**
  • Sharpen/Replace Blades.
  • Clean Mower Deck.
  • Level Mower Deck.
  • Check Safety Systems.
  • Check/Tighten Loose hardware.
  • Check Tire Pressure.
  • Lubricate Where Required to Prevent Any Corrosion.